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Break Your Cycle
To Become The Confident Leader
You Always Wanted to Be...

Hi, I’m Camille,

I teach Christian women how to get unstuck in their business all the while keeping their faith and family top priority.

Because Christian Business Owners, Have Different Set of Problems…


Restoration Yoga


The Restoration Inner Circle is a unique 12-month program crafted by an LDS woman (that’s me!) for fellow LDS women like you. With this program, I want to amplify your health and wellness, strengthen your faith, and foster a sense of community among us.

If you are seeking balance in your body, mind and spirit, you are right where you need to be.

Welcome to
Restoration Yoga

I’m here to help you in your wellness journey! 

Taking time to heal brings you freedom.. and that gives you a better quality of life.  Sometimes we give up because we’ve tried before to get better only to be disappointed.  And sometimes it’s easier to stay in our comfort zone.  Even though it’s painful, at least it feels familiar… so we unconsciously decide to stay there. 

Here’s what you need to know…  what is stored inside of you needs to be validated and heard. This is where your healing journey begins. You need someone who can “hold your hand” in a safe space and walk you through the process.  Imagine a life where you can live up to your full potential and feel whole  by taking care of your body, mind and spirit.

Time is going to pass either way.  You can continue on the way you are, with your busy thoughts taking you in all directions, feeling tired and overwhelmed.  Or you can DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and take back control of your life.

Hey There!

I am Camille Smith, and I'm so excited to help you in your healing journey!

Join Me For A Quick Self Care Challenge Right Here:

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In my own healing AND in the work I have done with clients I am amazed by how effectively this technique works. Watching clients feel free of their pain and move forward unencumbered by the events of their past is a gift.

The Best Time To Start
Your Healing Journey Was Yesterday...

The Next Best Time Is TODAY




Create wholeness within by releasing your mind & body from unprocessed trauma with Restoration Yoga’s Trauma Integration Coaching Program.


Absorb Christ-centered messaging and leave feeling uplifted, inspired and invigorated with our LDS Christ-centered yoga program.


Imagine a life where you find relief from chronic stiffness and body pain; where you start learning to put your well-being first, deliberately making time in your day to properly take care of your mind & body.

How would it feel to get constant nourishment for your whole being, healing from the inside out. Where you find a healthy & effective way to manage your stress & anxiety. A place to find the physical and mental strength within to achieve all the things you want to achieve while feeling empowered and loved by our Heavenly Father.

I have always been drawn to yoga for its physical benefits, but it wasn't until I tried Christ-centered yoga that I truly found what I was looking for. When I returned to other yoga classes, they just didn't compare. That's why I became certified as a 200-hour yoga instructor specializing in Christ-centered yoga.

I want to share the same sense of restoration and spiritual connection that I have experienced with you.


"Restoration Yoga has been such an amazing healing experience for me."

Camille weaves the gospel of Jesus Christ into Psoas release, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative yoga. It is so powerful and life changing. The different classes offer my body and soul needed exercise, strengthening, and healing.

She is experienced, calm, and caring. She checks in on me, guides me, and answers my questions.



A few years ago,

I noticed many people were reaching out to me who wanted help  healing from trauma.   At that time I was doing a lot of coaching and mentoring.  My interest was piqued and I started reading and studying a lot about trauma, specifically how it is stored in the body. 

In my 500-hour masters of yoga training, I was learning how yoga helps to heal the body from stored trauma.  I was introduced to a process called trauma integration through a friend of mine.  I began to refer my clients to go through this trauma integration process first before I could help them as a coach.

As I watched people get relief from long-held trauma through this process, I felt a nudge to add this trauma integration to my own tool belt and add it to my practice.  

You're stronger than you think you are. But sometimes you need help.

There are certain things you might not be able to do on your own, and that's OK.

Trauma can be many things: Something painful, confusing, embarrassing, or just overwhelming. Anything that impacted you in a big way and your body didn’t have the resources to process at the time it happened can be trauma.

And you most certainly don’t have to live with it.

I have watched many clients and colleagues experience healing through this trauma integration process.I know it works.  And I am excited to help you get relief, so you can stop circling that same mountain and finally get to the top!

Alma took a big step towards her healing journey...

“I came to Camille to release any pain stored in my body that I was not aware of. During the session I became aware that I had been working hard on being loving and forgiving of people that have harmed me without truly noticing the pain I have been through having trusted these people in my life. I was grateful that I was able to process the discomfort my body was feeling with the techniques Camille uses and put into words what was causing somatic reactions to my past. This is something that no talk therapy would have been able to help with since my body literally needed to release the trauma. Thank you Camille for inviting Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as part of your healing process. They are our true healers and you are an amazing instrument in their hands.”


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