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Body Wise

I’ve been doing some training in trauma integration. I have known for a while that connecting to your body is important for emotional healing.


The word yoga comes from the word yuj which means to yoke or unite.


And that is what yoga does, it unites all strands of ourselves, the body the mind and the spirit. We are whole divine beings and we need all parts of ourselves to be complete. We can’t have just one part and ignore the others.


As I’ve watched myself and others go through this training I have been reminded AGAIN that the body has it’s own language. It will speak to you. And the way you listen is to PAY ATTENTION! You can’t do the healing just in your head, just by talking. Especially if you’ve experienced shock or trauma. That memory stays in the body. Have you ever heard of the book “The Body Keeps the Score”?


When something happens to trigger that body memory, it all comes flooding back in. As if you are in a time machine and went back to that moment. This can become troublesome and interfere with daily living.


I love what yoga does to help me connect me to my body. Through my practice I have learned to be curious and to observe non judgmentally and to notice the sensations that I feel while on my mat.


When was the last time you got down on the floor? (Can you get down on the floor?) And really paid attention to what’s going on in your body?

  • Listen

  • In the present moment

  • Pay attention

  • Be curious

  • No judgment


What did you notice?


You are limitless.



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