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Have you heard of Wabi Sabi?

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese term that means there is beauty in imperfection.

A reminder that all things including ourselves and life itself is flawed, incomplete and even impermanent.


Kintsugi is an art form stemming from the principle of Wabi Sabi where you mend broken objects with gold fillings. Kintsugi is a reminder that there is beauty in the flaw.

Say you drop a teapot and it breaks. Instead of throwing the pieces into the trash you bring the pieces of broken pottery together and glue them with liquid gold. This way of repairing the pieces together makes them imperfect, permanently “flawed” , but also more beautiful!


As humans we have a tendency to crave perfection. We think if we have flaws that makes us ruined or broken. But what if… we saw those flaws in ourselves and others as things that make us beautiful and unique.


Our scars tell a story. They demonstrate fortitude, resilience and hard earned wisdom!


Our imperfections can remind us that we need our Savior. When we turn ourselves towards him and let his light show through our cracks and imperfections he will make more of us than we could ever make of ourselves!


He makes us a beautiful work of art!


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