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I remember feeling overwhelmed, trying to balance my faith, family, and personal well-being. 

Hi, I’m Camille, that’s why I started Restoration Yoga – to create a space where LDS women like us can find peace, strength, and community.

I’m thrilled to invite you to my Restoration Yoga Inner Circle. Inner Circle is more than just a yoga class, it’s a community where we grow together in both physical wellness and our spiritual journey.

You think you are handling life just fine...

This is what actually happens on the inside:

Your body suffers from body aches, headaches, and even migraines that don’t go away with pain relievers.

Your relationships suffer because all of a sudden you become this restless person with anger outbursts you can’t even explain to yourself.

Your social & work life suffers, it becomes a theater that you act like someone else, wearing you down day by day. The worst part is this is when quite quitting starts…

This is your wake-up call. Don’t let another year pass you by, because every minute you delay, it accumulates, making it even harder for you to find peace and happiness.

The same feeling will also stop you from taking action

because you are numbed without even realizing that you are. 


I completely understand how overwhelming it must be to even think about these. But, as a specialized Trauma Coach & a Certified Yoga Instructor, I also know that it is completely achievable, especially with the right support and resources.

There’s a simple and effective plan to nurture both your well-being and spiritual growth. And it’s not some complicated maze, It’s a straightforward path.

Imagine committing to this journey with focus. It’s not a long, drawn-out process. In just 12 weeks, something magical happens. You undergo a transformative experience, and it’s as simple and powerful as that.

I care about you. I want you to thrive, not just survive.

Start Transformative Journey:

Step into a life-changing journey, providing tools and practices that empower individuals to holistically transform their well-being.

Feel Community Connection

Join a supportive community where shared experiences and connections amplify the journey.

Get Personalized Wellness Toolkit

Gain access to a comprehensive toolkit designed to navigate life’s challenges with grace, offering flexibility and tailored resources for continuous self-improvement.

Restoration Yoga


The Restoration Inner Circle is a unique 12-month program crafted by an LDS woman (that’s me!) for fellow LDS women like you. With this program, I want to amplify your health and wellness, strengthen your faith, and foster a sense of community among us.

If you are seeking balance in your body, mind and spirit, you are right where you need to be.

What a beautiful few days of finding myself, my Jesus, and my sisters ( and new BFFs)! There was time and space to be still and listen and notice so much beauty within and all around. The balance of yoga, meditation, sound baths, delicious and healthy food, lovely conversation, sacred silence, a challenging cold plunge, and even paddle boarding during free time left me feeling full of blessings and also empty and ready to receive more. I feel so blessed to have been included. Thank you!


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Restoration Yoga is such an amazing and healing experience for me. Camille weaves the gospel of Jesus Christ into Psoas release, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative yoga. It is so powerful and life changing. The different classes offer my body and soul needed exercise, strengthening, and healing.

Camille is experienced, calm, and caring. She checks in on me, guides me, and answers my questions.

Rosalie G.


Ready for a Brighter Chapter in Your Life?

Inner Circle is here for you when you feel overwhelmed, lost or disconnected.

Sometimes, having a friend or support makes all the difference.

You don’t have to face life’s challenges alone. You have a choice: stick with the same problems or start on a new path to take control of your life.

Inner Circle is designed for those wanting to start this new path. It’s a guiding program that provides support and a path to healing.

Are you ready to start your journey to feeling better? 

By the End of This Program, You'll Have Mastered The Skill Of:


Feeling Deep Inner Harmony

by integrating faith and wellness, you’ll have nurtured a profound sense of inner peace and balance within.


Building Genuine Connections

by forming lasting bonds within a supportive community of like-minded women, uplifting each other and celebrating shared victories.


Celebrating Your Personal Wins

with a tailored wellness plan, designed to bring out the best in you and adapt as you grow.


Experiencing Tranquil Mindfulness

by discovering calm amidst life’s chaos, managing stress for a more peaceful and rewarding everyday life.


Embracing Yoga for Vitality

by making yoga a joyful part of your life, mastering personalized practices that invigorate your body and mind.


Having A Foundation For Lasting Fulfillment

with exclusive resources, nutritional guidance, and continuous support, ensuring a foundation for lasting fulfillment.

Your Journey Timeline

This timeline outlines the specific benefits waiting for you each week, let’s take a look!

Start Your Journey Now!

Embracing the Start of Your Journey
Welcome to Week 1! As you begin, you might be feeling a mix of excitement and maybe a bit of uncertainty. This week, we'll focus on laying the foundation for your wellness and spiritual growth. You'll explore...
Building Consistency
Congratulations on making it to Week 2! By now, you're likely starting to establish a routine. This week, we delve deeper into practices that promote consistency in your wellness journey. You'll notice...
Connecting with Inner Peace
In Week 3, you're making significant strides. This week centers around techniques to connect with inner peace amid life's challenges. You'll experience...
Cultivating Mindfulness
Week 4 marks a month into your transformative journey. Now, you're cultivating mindfulness in your daily life. Expect to see improvements in...
Nurturing Your Faith-Infused Practices
Kudos on reaching Week 5! This week, we concentrate on deepening the integration of faith into your practices. You'll witness growth in...
Strengthening Mind-Body Harmony
Halfway through! In Week 6, we focus on strengthening the harmony between your mind and body. This week brings about enhancements in...
Celebrating Achievements
Week 7 is a celebration of your achievements so far! Take a moment to acknowledge your progress. This week, you'll reflect on...
Exploring Deeper Connections
As you enter Week 8, you're delving into deeper connections—both with yourself and others in the Inner Circle. This week, expect to experience...
Rejuvenating Body and Spirit
In Week 9, you're in the rejuvenation phase. This week, the focus is on practices that renew your body and spirit. You'll likely notice...
Elevating Your Practice
With just a couple of weeks to go, Week 10 is about elevating your overall practice. You'll find yourself...
Preparing for Continuation
Week 11 sets the stage for continuing your journey beyond the program. Reflect on...
Culmination and Future Steps
Congratulations on completing the 12-week Inner Circle program! This week, we'll summarize your achievements and discuss the next steps in your ongoing journey of wellness and spiritual growth. You've come a long way, and there's much more to explore!
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12


What’s Inside Inner Circle


These Private Resources to Help You Become the Person You Truly Want to Be Even Faster

Private Resource 1

Direct Coaching Access to me
($2500 Value)

Sometimes there are things you won’t want to share/ask when others are present. So I will have dedicated office hours and time blocks in my schedule to give you the private attention you need, get your questions answered, and make sure you receive ongoing support.

Private Resource 2

Comprehensive Wellness and Healing Plan
($2000 Value)

Wellness cannot be a cookie-cutter process, you need a personalized plan tailored to your emotional and physical needs that is adjusted as you progress. You also need someone to monitor and pivot you when needed. That’s what I will be doing when you join me here.

Private Resource 3

Exclusive Healing Resources Library
($1500 Value)

I have created, collected, nurtured, and customized these resources for years and now giving you private access to a curated collection of all meditations, readings, and exclusive practices that I have invested with both time and money.

Private Resource 4

Customized Yoga Sequences
($1200 Value)

Everyone’s need is different. While each month in the group will have a theme, I will pay attention to your specific needs and provide you with a CURATED sequence that will solve YOUR problem when you need the most.

Private Resource 5

Mindfulness and Meditation Mastery Course
($1500 Value)

I put together my knowledge and resources, which I personally invested over $10K and countless hours on, so that you can learn effective techniques to manage stress and anxiety to create a peaceful, rewarding life.

Private Resource 6

Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidance
($80/Month = $960 Value)

Holistic advice on nutrition and lifestyle to support your emotional and physical well-being.

Private Resource 7

Bonus Yoga Workshops and Special Guest/Expert Sessions
(10 Paid Sessions @$150 = $1500 Value)

Exclusive workshops and guest sessions focusing on integrating physical wellness with emotional resilience.

Total Value: $17,524

Life’s demands often leave you overwhelmed, as if you’re constantly juggling too much and neglecting your well-being. Amidst this chaos, finding the inner peace we all crave becomes a challenge, trapping you in a loop of seemingly never-ending daily struggles.

As life pulls you in different directions, connecting with others takes a back seat, and you might feel like you’re running on autopilot.

Another year passes, and you’re still grappling with the same challenges, dreaming of a more harmonious life but lacking the confidence to start that journey.

Inner Circle is your transformative solution.

Now, picture a life where you find balance, connect with a supportive community, and have a toolkit that guides you daily toward holistic well-being. Don’t let another year pass by without taking that first step. Join Inner Circle now, and let’s redefine your journey together

What If You Don’t Join?

If you’re feeling the nudge to join but hesitate, think about where you could be a year from now. Without taking this step, you might still be searching for a way to blend your wellness journey with your LDS faith. 

Limited Spots Available, 
Act Now!

I’m keeping our circle intimate with only 25 spots to ensure each one of you receives the personal attention you deserve. Once these spots are filled, I won’t be able to accept more members until next year.

The online class was convenient and easy to follow. Being in your own space really creates the optimal place for letting go of stress and tension in a way that promotes long-term healing.

Shaela C.

Shaela Crosby headshot (1)
Camille Smith-Brown Couch

My Promise to You

You have my guarantee that in the first 30 days of working together and applying the teachings, you’ll experience noticeable improvements in your well-being.

And if you fully participate and see no results or benefit, I will refund your money back—it’s as simple as that.
But it doesn’t stop there.

If, within the first month, you decide that this journey isn’t quite the right fit for you, no questions asked, you can opt-out. I want you to feel entirely satisfied and supported in your decision. 

Your journey is yours, and I’m here to make sure it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Answering Your Questions

I’ve crafted Inner Circle exclusively for LDS women, seamlessly integrating faith, wellness, and community. With me as your guide, experience yoga practices tailored to align with LDS values, fostering a journey of spiritual and physical growth within a supportive sisterhood.
Your journey begins with a comprehensive assessment, guiding the creation of a customized wellness plan addressing both emotional and physical needs. As you progress, the plan dynamically adapts, ensuring it remains attuned to your evolving requirements.
Absolutely! Inner Circle goes beyond virtual sessions. Engage in weekly private group Zoom calls, connect on WhatsApp, and become part of a close-knit community. Share experiences, uplift each other, and build lasting connections with like-minded LDS women.
Inner Circle isn’t just about yoga. It’s a comprehensive program encompassing faith-inspired fitness, mindfulness, and community support. Benefit from weekly group calls, direct access to me, and exclusive resources, creating a holistic wellness experience tailored to LDS values.

I’ve poured my heart into creating this space for us. If you’re ready to start this journey, simply click ‘Join Now’.

Remember, spaces are limited and enrollment closes soon. I wouldn’t want you to miss this chance to join our community of faith & wellness.


I completely understand. Before you leave, I would love to address your concerns or any questions you might have. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by clicking below.

In faith and healing,

Ready for a new beginning? The key to change might be within reach...

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Join Inner Circle for an exclusive blend of faith-inspired yoga, personalized mindfulness, and a supportive community.

Spaces are limited to 25 (We’re launching again soon!), and the path to a renewed you awaits.

This could be your moment of profound change.

Are you in?