I am beyond grateful to
have been part of your lives.

Camille Smith


Perfect balance

“I came to Camille to release any pain stored in my body that I was not aware of. During the session I became aware that I had been working hard on being loving and forgiving of people that have harmed me without truly noticing the pain I have been through having trusted these people in my life. I was grateful that I was able to process the discomfort my body was feeling with the techniques Camille uses and put into words what was causing somatic reactions to my past. This is something that no talk therapy would have been able to help with since my body literally needed to release the trauma. Thank you Camille for inviting Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as part of your healing process. They are our true healers and you are an amazing instrument in their hands.” 

“Our lives have been turned upside down this past year with our teenage daughter being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. It has been overwhelming and traumatic to say the least. Camille has been such a healing gift and essential tool to me and my family. Through her strong, kind guidance I have truly been able to release these traumas and function better for myself and my family. She is a gifted dedicated practitioner! I have recommended her to help my other family members as well!” –


Restoration Yoga is such an amazing and healing experience for me. Camille weaves the gospel of Jesus Christ into Psoas release, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative yoga. It is so powerful and life changing. The different classes offer my body and soul needed exercise, strengthening, and healing.
Camille is experienced, calm, and caring. She checks in on me, guides me, and answers my questions. 

“Camille’s psoas release yoga class helped me release some long held tension in my body from trauma that happened to me years ago.”


“I have found if I am neglecting my yoga practice, I wake up in the morning and everything hurts. But when I am practicing regularly I wake up pain-free! The spiritual messages are important to me, I leave class uplifted physically and spiritually.”

“ I also attend an “in person” studio but often my schedule doesn’t align with set class times. Camille’s online classes have been the perfect solution. Being able to fit a session in anytime throughout my workday has been a game changer!”

“Class was beautiful and I was grateful for the in person opportunity to come participate. Camille presented great teachings spiritually and physically. And created a beautiful safe space for any level to be right where they are. Thank you so much.”

It’s not a journey any of us want to
go down alone, but it’s so worth letting it go. 

“I was really struggling with a huge past trauma that had come to haunt me emotionally and was  a huge emotional stumbling block to my healing a current relationship.  With Camille’s help, allowing me to safely go back and relive it with her, was amazing.  I really didn’t want to go there, it’s a scary place and I hated the idea of even giving it any attention.  Camille was very patient and let me go through it, find the pain and literally send it out of my body! I had no idea how stuck it was, I can physically feel the pain not there any more.  If you have any pain from your past holding you back, I HIGHLY recommend working it through with Camille! There is light at the end, you just need help getting to it.”

“Reduced hip pain after 3 weeks of classes.”  

“I feel taller and stronger, more energetic.” 


“ I have benefited most by listening to the Christ centered messages she shares.  I feel more peaceful.”

“Live sessions are my favorite but doing class recordings on my own schedule as needed has been a life saver.”

“I love both the variety of recordings and the live stream classes.” 

“Helps lessen my anxiety and let go of petty things.”  

“I leave class feeling spiritually uplifted.”   

“The online class was convenient and easy to follow. Being in your own space really creates the optimal place for letting go of stress and tension in a way that promotes long-term healing.”  

“I usually struggle with yoga poses because I am not flexible, but Camille showed us many modified options”  


“After class I’m able to center myself. I have less anxiety and frustration, I have a better day.”

“Class helps reduce my cortisol and reduces my anxiety.”  


In order to best serve and live up to our full potential,

we need to be well prepared by taking care of our body, mind and spirit.

Yoga has helped me focus on these principles to fulfill my mission.


Yoga Life for Greater Self Control



African-american female listening to audiobook in earphones while chilling on sofa in living room
You Can't Change Anything, If You Are Not Even Aware of it

Sometimes we get disconnected from our bodies.  Especially if you have experienced physical trauma. When something overwhelming and shocking happens, the body doesn’t encode it in the same way it would a normal everyday experience.  Instead, it encodes it in bits and pieces and it’s stored differently in the body.  Often being in and connected to our bodies is painful if the experience hasn’t been processed.  Using this body scan regularly helps you come back to your body and be aware of what is there in a safe and relaxing way.  Remember you can’t change anything if you’re not aware of it.  This is the beginning phase of letting go of past hurts and trauma.”